Rocking Chair Move Made Easy!

Rocking chairs are ideal if you want to spend some relaxing moments building castles in the air but taking such furniture to a new house will surely raise issues. Reading this article Movers Melbourne will give you some smart ideas in order to help you make your move smoother.

Some pieces of furniture are very special helping people evade from everyday stress, rocking chairs are more or less such pieces. People that have a rocking chair at home just can't resist sitting near the fireplace in winter or reading a book in front of an open window in summer time enjoying the comfort and snugness of their furniture. Have a difficult day? Just rock for a few minutes and all the tire will just wear away in a mysterious way.

What is more, such pieces seem to bring in mind sweet images of the past, maybe your grandparents would sit there to tell you stories or fairy tales. If you own a rocking chair thus you have all reasons to be sentimentally connected to it or just don't want to lose it but how would you treat such a bulky piece in case of removal? Achieving a smooth and safe relocation may turn to a tour de force unless you have a good plan of how to protect your rocking chair while in transit. Here in Removalists Melbourne have a good plan for you!


First of all, keep in mind that moving a rocking chair is not as easy as taking a typical chair around the house. Rocking chairs are rather heavier than chairs while their original design makes these pieces even more fragile. In addition, the biggest issue when it comes to a rocking chair move is that these pieces are not stable making their transfer even more risky. Don't give up though, take a chance of following our advice and your move will be a breeze.

Prepare your rocking chair for the move in order to prevent damages and stains from occurring. Remove any cushions and accessories to make sure that they won't suffer damage and also make the packing easier. Wrap the cushions in packing material to protect them from stains or just put them in plastic bags and tape them together.

The greater issue to settle then is to make the rocking chair remain stable all the way. Having your chair rocking back and forth in the truck may cause damages not only to the rocking chair itself but also to the stuff all around so it is important to lock the chair before you try to move it. If your rocker has a locking mechanism just remember to lock before you take it to the new house but if it is broken or in case that your furniture does not have one you may need help. In this case you have two options: you can either remove the rocker part (which takes time and also requires special skills) or secure the moving areas (which is much easier and thus recommended).

If you decide to remove the rocker part all you have to do is carefully take the rocker apart following the manufacturer's instructions, wrap in bubble wrap to protect it from scratches and secure the padding with tape. Remember to place any screws, bolts and tacks in a small box or bag and tape it together with the rocker part so as not to have it lost. Alternatively, you can secure the moving areas as follows. Take a cardboard cut in ribbons and wrap around each end of the rockers until the wrapping reaches the floor. Secure the wrapping with tape minding not to tape the chair itself as tape may leave marks on the chair's finish.

Now you are ready to pack your chair for the move. Wrap the rocker in bubble wrap doing each part separately and securing with a lot of tape. Once padding is done you can also wrap and tape the padded furniture in moving blankets or plastic wrap for extra protection. Wrap tightly making several layers to cover the chair entirely in http://www.ludhianamovers.in Packers and Movers Ludhiana to make sure that the wrapping will remain in place all the way and equally that your rocker will be safe in case of an accident.


As you can see taking a rocking chair to a new location is difficult and demanding. The risk is dual as you are negotiating a heavy and bulky piece while having to find a solution in order to manage to keep it stable while in transit. Follow our plan and your http://www.packersandmoversahmedabad.in Packers and Movers Ahmedabad will be much easier however if you have any difficulties do not despair! Professional movers will be there to help you find solutions and help you move your furniture fast and safely. Moreover, if you want your move to be as easy as possible do not resist calling on a man and a van that would undertake your removal from A to Z. In this case professional movers will be providing all packing material needed and also unpack and reassemble your furniture making your life easier while helping you save a lot of money!