Vox Amp Mini 3 Ivory Guitar Amps

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Classic Tones on the Go!

Check it out - a super-affordable Vox you can take anywhere! That's right, the innocent-looking, 3-watt 1 x 5" Vox MINI 3 may be tiny, but it's totally loaded with tone and it's totally Vox. Talk about portable, sure you can run the MINI 3 off of AC, but with just a few AAs you can crank out the tunes for about 10 hours! And did we mention tone, 'cause this baby's loaded with it. You get 11 killer amp models and 8 awesome effects - so you can fire up anything from a California high-gain monster tone amp with the perfect compression, to an old-school tweed with classic verb. How about an AC30 with a touch of tremolo for the surfer vibe? You get all this and more when you jam with your Vox MINI 3.

Vox MINI 3 3W, 1 x 5" Combo Guitar Amplifier Features at a Glance:
- Color: Ivory
- Power amp output: 3W
- Speaker: 5"
- Amp models: 11 (Btq Clean, Black 2x12, Tweed 4x10, AC15, AC30tb, UK '70s, UK '80s, UK '90s, Cali Metal, US Higain, Line)
- Effect types: 4
- Delay/reverb types: 4
- I/O: 1 channel (1/4"), 1 x Mic input, 1 x Auxiliary input, headphone output
- Signal processing: 24-bit/44.1kHz
- Tuner detection range: A0--A6 (27.5Hz-1.76kHz)
- Power supply: AC adaptor (included) or 6 x AA batteries (up to 10 hours)
- Power consumption: 390 mA
- Dimensions: 10.51" x 7.05" x 10.51"
- Weight: 7.72 lbs.
- Included: AC adaptor and carrying strap

Vox MINI 3 - Ivory Specifications:
- Type:                       Solid State
- Number of Channels: 1
- Power:                      3W
- Speakers:                 1 x 5"
- Effects:                     Yes
- Reverb:                    Yes
- EQ:                          Low, High
- Amp Modeling:          Yes
- Number of Models:     11
- Preamp Tubes:          No Tubes
- Power Tubes:             No Tubes
- Inputs:                     1 x Instrument, 1 x Mic (1/4"), 1 x Aux (1/8")
- Outputs:                   1 x Headphone (1/8")
- Footswitch I/O:          No Footswitch I/O
- Effects Loop:             No Effects Loop
- Height:                     10.51"
- Width:                      10.51"
- Depth:                      7.05"
- Weight:                    7.72 lbs.

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