Premier Series Elite 2846SPL Snare Drums

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Premier Series Elite 2846SPL snare drums.

The Premier Series Elite snares are designed for the heavier player and are available in a choice of three depths. The combination of precision engineered metal work and the timeless vintage maple finish ensures you have a truly fantastic instrument.

Three shell constructions are offered, all 5.7mm 7-ply in their build. Your only decision is whether you prefer North American maple, birch or Premier's Gen-X; a hybrid of two outer plies of birch and five inner plies of maple.

Fitted with a heavy-duty, fully adjustable snare strainer, identical to that of the iconic Signia Series snares in the '90s, and 10 lug die-cast hoops, this drum is fast becoming the choice of the professional drummer.

Premier Series Elite snare drums are also available to match your Premier Series Elite drumset.
14" x 6.5" Premier Series Elite Snare Drum

* Choice of three exciting shell options:
  - North American maple
  - Birch
  - Gen-X
* 5.7mm 7-ply un-supported shells
* Internally lacquered shell
* Diamond Chrome lugs
* 10 lug die-cast hoops
* 45 degree bearing edge
* Heavy-duty, fully adjustable snare strainer
* Choice of three depths
* Over 40 stunning gloss lacquer finishes
* Premier pewter badge
* Drumheads by Remo

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