Superlux DRK-B5C2 MKII 7-Piece Drum Microphone Pack

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Superlux DRK-B5C2 MKII 7 piece Drum Microphone Pack.

1 x Kick & 3 x Tom & 2 x Overheads & 1 x Dedicated Snare The DRK-B5C2 is a superb set of microphones for the more discerning drummer / percussionist. Housed all together in a sturdy plastic case, the kit includes one PRO-218A kick drum mic, three PRO-228A tom / snare mics, two PRO-268A overhead condenser mics and one mini-profile PRA-288A. With a frequency response specifically designed for snare drums and compact dimensions, the PRA-288A supercardioid dynamic microphone is best mounted beneath the snare where it captures a great snare sound.

- 1 x PRO-218A kick - Dynamic supercardioid; frequency response: 20 - 10 kHz
- 3 x PRO-228A snare / tom mics - Dynamic supercardioid; frequency response: 50 - 16 kHz
- 2 x PRO-268A cymbal / overhead mics - Condenser supercardioid; frequency response: 50 - 20 kHz
- 1 x PRA-288A snare mic - Dynamic supercardioid; frequency response: 80 - 20 kHz
- Brass mic stand adaptors.

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