JTS US8001D / PT850B + CM501 Clip On Wireless

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JTS Clip On Wireless US8001D / PT850B + CM501.

US8001D Receiver - Main Features:
- Preset 16 selectable UHF channels.
- Availble for 1 transmitter.
- Diversity technology permits minimum dropouts in the RF link.
- PLL synthesized technology for multi-channels.
- Noise mute and pilot tone squelch circuit eliminate unwanted signal and noise interference.
- Equipped with both XLR balanced and unbalanced outputs.
- Tuned antennas maximize the effective range of the wireless link.
- 1/2U rack housing benefits space saving.

CM501 Lapel Mic - Features:
- Uni-directional for high-quality voice pickup.
- Wide dynamic range and frequency response for excellent sound reinforcement.
- Small size for minimum visibility.
- Together with clothing clip for easy attaching to a tie, lapel, dress etc.

PT850B Body Pack Transmitter - Features:
- PLL synthesized oscillator type.
- Powered by AA batteries.
- Equipped with 4P Mini XLR connector.
- Compact,durable plastic housing.
- Compatible with lavalier or headset microphones.
- Carry case allows for attaching with belt.
- LED display.

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