Suhr Jack Rabbit Guitar Effect Pedals

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SUHR JACK RABBIT Tremolo Pedal Guitar Effects.

Jack Rabbit is a high quality analog pedal, that delivers a wide variety of tremolo effects - from warm wobble to whacked out. It features simple control over tempo by incorporating both tap, and strum tempo modes. It's modulation rate spans from 1Hz to 20Hz and utilizes a tempo subdivision switch. The Jack Rabbit Tremolo is housed in a sturdy, aluminum enclosure for maximum protection from abuse. It can be remote controlled via the FX Link jack.

Like all Suhr pedals, the Jack Rabbit Tremolo is True Bypass and can be powered from 9-18Vdc, drawing low current for extended battery life. It is protected from both over voltage and reverse voltage.

Jack Rabbit features quarter note, eighth note, and quarter note triplet subdivisions.

Jack Rabbit features an easy to tweak layout which includes Rate, Level, Waveform, and Depth controls.

Rate: Controls the speed of the tremolo effect, from 1Hz to 20Hz.
Level: Controls the output level of the pedal, from +0dB to +14dB.
Depth: Controls the depth of the tremolo effect.
Waveform: Selects the modulation waveform which includes Sine, Square, Triangle, Reverse Ramp, and Ramp.

The internal 9V battery is monitored at both power up and during use. The user will be alerted when the battery voltage becomes low. When the battery becomes too low to reliably operate the pedal, True Bypass is activated.


Sine Wave:
Vintage-style tremolo inspired by the best tube tremolo circuits of the 1960's

Square Wave:
An on/off tremolo that ranges from slow choppy stutter to helicopter whirl

Ramp Up:
Psychadellic swells give your playing a reverse feel​

- Input Impedance: 1M ohm
- Output Impedance: 600 ohm
- Power Connector: 9Vdc, center negative, 2.1mm x 5.5mm
- Operating Voltage: 5V to 18V (nominal 9V)
- Maximum Voltage: 20Vdc
- Reverse Battery Protection: yes
- Over Voltage Protection: yes
- Current Consumption: < 20mA
- Estimated Battery Life: 25 – 50 hours continuous use
- Dimensions: 2.50" Width x 4.50" Depth x 1.25" Height
- Weight: 0.75 pound
- FxLink Connector: 1/8" stereo
- FxLink max Voltage: 3.3Vdc
- Shield -> Tip: Activate on/off
- Shield -> Ring: External Tap
- ROHS Compliant: Yes
- Agency Approvals: N/A.

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