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Image for PIGTRONIX FAT DRIVE OverDrive Pedal

Pigtronix FAT Drive

Pigtronix FAT Drive is an all analog tube sound overdrive. The FAT Drive’s multiple cascaded gain stages enable you to nail sounds ranging from bluesy overdrive to rich saturation, all while retaining musical dynamics and the original character of your instrument.

FAT Drive takes a futuristic analog approach to
create complex crunch tones using CMOS clipping
and a variable low pass filter for tone shaping.
Bringing the tone control all the way clockwise
takes this filter completely out of the circuit for total
transparency and robust low end. Rolling the tone
control back smooths out the highs, leaving ample
mid-range bloom and bottom end punch.

A Hi / Lo toggle switch brings additional versatility
to the FAT Drive’s wide-ranging palette of overdrive
tones, altering the gain structure for enhanced crunch
and soaring leads. The FAT Drive features true
bypass switching and runs fine on standard 9-volt
power but ships with an 18-volt adapter for superior
headroom, clarity and overall output


  • 100% Analog wide range overdrive

  • Multi-Stage Tube Emulated Clipping

  • Hi / Lo gain mode switch

  • Passive LPF Tone Control

  • True Bypass Switching

  •  18VDC 300mA supply included

  • Chassis Size = 2.4” x 4.4” x 1”

  •  Circuit Design by Howard Davis

  • Sound Design by David Koltai

  • True bypass

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