Premier 2608 Modern Classic Hammered Brass Snare Drum

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13 X 5.5 Modern Classic Hammered Brass Snare Drum

The Modern Classic family of snares hark back to yesteryear with beautiful tube lugs and smooth action Dunnett snare strainers. From the richness of maple, the dry warmth andtoneful projection of hammered brass, to the strong toned brightness and cut of steel, there's a Modern Classic to suit your individual style.

All Modern Classic snare drums feature a distinct snare bed profile that works in harmony with our unique bearing edge, to create increased sensitivity, a more versatile tuning range and reduced rattle snare.

Features :

  • Choice of three exciting shell options:
    6mm 6-ply North American maple in Natural Lacquer
    - Black chrome hammered brass
    - Chrome plated polished steel

  • Internally lacquered shell

  • 2.3mm triple-flange steel hoops

  • Diamond Chrome tube lugs

  • Dunnett smooth action snare strainer

  • Legendary 'P' badge

  • Drumheads by Remo

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