Vox Amp. Mini 3 - G2

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Introducing the MINI3 G2 - the next-generation model of the MINI3, the definitive portable modeling amplifier

Features VOX's original Bassilator circuit for dramatically enhanced tone!

Main Features

  • Eleven authentic built-in amp models distilled from VOX’s Valvetronix technology

  • Wide range of tones from sparkly cleans all the way to high-gain distortion

  • Usable with a variety of instruments such as electric guitars, acoustic-electric guitars, and keyboards

  • New Bassilator circuit - delivers a rich low end, especially with high-gain models

  • Enhanced compressor, chorus, flanger, tremolo, delay, and reverb

  • Dual power options – use the included AC adaptor or enjoy up to 10 hours of musical portability with six AA batteries

  • Dedicated mic input with separate volume and reverb/delay controls – ideal for vocals

  • AUX input jack - connect your MP3 player or other audio source and jam along

  • Built-in tuner – never play out of tune!

  • Convenient carrying strap is included for true on-the-go mobility

Extensive range of 11 realistic amp models
The MINI3 G2 delivers 11 accurate and authentic amp models which allow you to play a broad range of styles and genres. Starting with the coveted British VOX tone, the MINI3 G2 also nails sounds from classic vintage, modern high-gain, and rare boutique amps. The acclaimedmodeling technology inherited from the Valvetronix series of amps allows the MINI3 G2 to reproduce the rich, warm sounds associated with tube amps.

The Bassilator Circuit
The newly designed VOX Bassilator circuit enables the amp to produce ultra-low frequencies, well past what the EQ is capable of. This is especially effective on high-gain models where it gives the amp a full, deep sound that’s great for heavier styles of music. In other words, you’ll get a big sound in a small package!

Not just for electric guitar
The “LINE” model gives you a pristine clean tone that’s ideal for use with an acoustic-electric guitar. The natural resonance of your acoustic instrument will shine through for those times when you need some extra sonic support. Additionally, the ability to use line connections from a keyboard or Mp3 player makes the MINI3 G2 a great portable PA system as well.

Easy-to-use effects
The MINI3 G2’s great sounding effects will help put the final touches on your tone. This second generation MINI3 features even better sounding effects than the first. The effects section offers a compressor, chorus, flanger, and tremolo. There is also a dedicated section for reverb and delay where you can add that extra touch to create your own signature sound.

Even beginners will find editing effects easy – a turn of the knob lets you control which effect to use and how much of it you hear. The tap tempo button makes syncing the delay time to the tempo a breeze!Amp models (11 types)

Effects (8 types)
Compression, Chorus, Flanger, Tremolo, Delay/Reverb (Analog, Tape echo, Spring, and Room)

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