G7th Performance C11010 Guitar Capo

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The G7th Performance Capo is used mainly for 6 string acoustic guitars, 6 string electric guitars and classic guitars. This capo has a revolutionary design which allows precise placement and clamping to the desired fret without pulling or bending the guitar’s strings. This capo doesn’t cause guitars to go out of tune, in fact it helps beginner and advanced guitarists play the song of their choice with ease.

To use this device, the guitarist will have to push the small black lever to release the arms and then position the device just behind the desired fret. After this, the lever has to be squeezed to tighten either from above or below and finally the black lever has to be pressed to release the guitar.

The G7th Performance Capo has to be squeezed into place by using one hand and then released using the lever located at the back of the device. When this capo is not being used it can be stored near the guitar’s headstock. Since this capo has a wrap spring clutch mechanism it is adjustable and easy to use.

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