Digitech DOD 410 Guitar Effect

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The DOD Bifet Boost 410 is a modern reissue of one of DOD's original classics; a simple, yet effective, pedal that combines 20 decibels of gritty boost with a very musical EQ for the ideal combination of punch and sweet​ness.

It's perfect as an "always-on" tonal foundation, offering a wide range of dynamic, interactive dirt tones that respond to even the most subtle variations in picking and guitar volume. The new Bifet Boost improves upon the original, however, by adding a few key features for the modern guitarist, including a mini-toggle for selecting between true bypass and buffered switching, which is useful whether you prefer total sonic transparency, or a little extra push for navigating long cable runs. The DOD Bifet Boost 410 also features an easy-to-see blue status LED, and an industry standard 9v power jack for easy pedalboard integration.

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