Mooer Skyverb Guitar Effect

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Mooer Skyverb

Digital Reverb Pedal

High quality digital reverb pedal , using a 32 bit fixed point DSPchip

Three reverb modes: Studio/ Church/ Plate

Studio: warm & natural indoor reverb, and the decay knob can show different

sizes of indoor reverb effects

Church: church reverb, empty and smooth natural reflex reverberation

Plate:plate reverb, let the steel or gold tinsel vibrate and get the man-made 

mixed sound by refering to the vibration frequency 

Full metal shell 

Very small and compact design

True bypass switch


Input : 1/ 4”monaural j ack (impedance: 470   )

Out put : 1/ 4”monaural jack (impedance: 100 Ohms)

Power Requirement s: AC adapt er 9 V DC (center minus plug)

Current Draw:128 mA

Dimensi ons: 93. 5mm (D) × 42mm (W) × 52mm (H)

Weight : 170g

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