Yamaha DTX 720K Electronic Drum Set

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Yamaha DTX720K

Combining the superior playability of the DTX-PADs, real hi-hat controller and natural sounds, this system is superb for authentic training to really improve your acoustic drumming skills.

The DTX720K features all DTX-PADs for the snare, toms and floor tom in a compact configuration. With a real hi-hat controller that mounts on the included hi-hat stand, plus our 3-zone cymbals, this kit provides great feel anywhere you play. The 3-zone snare pad can be precisely positioned with the ball clamp mount, and the kit can be expanded with up to three more pads.


  • Module: DTX700 

  • Snare: XP80

  • Tom1, 2: XP70 x 2

  • Floor Tom: XP70

  • Crash Cymbal1, 2: PCY135

  • Ride Cymbal: PCY135

  • Hi-Hat: RHH135 + HS740A

  • Kick: KP100

  • Rack: RS502

There are a total of 1,396 sounds covering a broad spectrum of instruments, including an essential selection of Yamaha acoustic drum sounds like Oak Custom series, as well as percussion and effect sounds. It also contains a wide variety of sounds from Yamaha’s famed MOTIF XF synthesizer. Used in combination with the DTX-PAD, the DTX700 module delivers even greater expressiveness and realism.

This full-fledged hi-hat system consists of a pad that sets onto the supplied hi-hat stand—the same type of stand typically used in an acoustic drum kit. This hi-hat pad system can play both open and closed sounds as well as a foot splash. it also uses a 2-zone design consisting of edge and bow sections, which add to its realistic feel and playability.

Using a USB memory device, it’s easy to import your favorite voices (WAV/AIFF) into the DTX700. Once in the device you can edit and assign the voices to pads to create your own, original drum kit.

The DTX700 easily connects to a computer via a USB cable (sold separately) making it a great for recording MIDI data into a DAW or for playing a VST sound source. Steinberg’s Cubase AI is included with the kit so you can start creating music right away.

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