LP Soul Cajon by Mario Cortes

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LP Soul Cajon

A Cajon with Soul!

Bring a cool sound and feel to your gigs with the Latin Percussion Soul Cajon. Once used primarily for Flamenco and Latin style, the cajon has transcended all genres and is widely used on stages through out the world. You get both bass and snare tones by hitting specific sections of the cajon's soundboard. The Soul Cajon has a unique-shaped hexagonal back that produces a more focused bass sound. Each of the four internal strings can be adjusted to the perfect tension to produce your ideal sound. Hand constructed with a premium Finnish birch soundboard, the Latin Percussion Soul Cajon is the perfect addition to your percussion collection.


Unique-sounding percussion instrument

Hand-made from Finnish birch

Hexagonal rear plate for focused bass

Doubles as a seat

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