Yamaha Montage 8 Synthesizer

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Yamaha Montage 8 88-keys Synthesizer

Built on the legacy of Yamaha's groundbreaking DX and Motif series keyboards, the Yamaha Montage 8 is driven by its programmable Motion Control matrix, which gives you fluid, interactive command over two powerful synthesis engines. Glide your fingers over Yamaha's premium aftertouch-enabled, 88-note Balanced Hammer Action keybed. Modulate multiple parameters in real time with the aptly named Super Knob. Yamaha's flagship synthesizer streamlines your workflow and rockets your sound creation and modulation capabilities up to a whole new level. Whether you're a songwriter, gigging keyboardist, sound designer, or EDM producer, the Yamaha Montage will elevate your creative game.

  • Aftertouch-enabled, 88-note Balanced Hammer Action keybed

  • Polyphony is AWM2: 128 (max.; stereo/mono waveforms) FM-X: 128 (max.)

  • Motion Control matrix gives you fluid command over 2 powerful synthesis engines: AWM2 (waveform synthesis) and FM-X (frequency modulation)

  • Almost 10 times the waveform capacity of Yamaha's MotifXF

  • Super Knob lets you modulate multiple parameters in real time

  • Motion Sequences — tempo-synched control sequences you can assign to any parameter

  • Envelope Follower lets you use any audio as a modulator for any synth parameter

  • Powerful DSP effects engine for jaw-dropping, fully realized patches

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