Yamaha YC-61 Stage Keyboard #NewProduct

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Yamaha YC-61 61-Key Stage Keyboard
Dirancang untuk para pemain keyboard panggung, Yamaha YC Series menghadirkan perangkat Organ Virtual Circuitry Modeling (VCM) yang baru dilengkapi dengan drawbar fisik, real-time control yang ekstensif, dan suara Piano Akustik/Elektrik serta FM synth yang autentik. Dengan tiga model yang dapat dipilih, stage keyboard YC hadir untuk memenuhi kebutuhan setiap panggung dan setiap pemain keyboard.

  • 61-key drawbar organ and stage piano

  • Proprietary Virtual Circuit Modeling delivers authentic vintage organ character

  • Sculpt your sound with intuitive drawbar controls

  • Waterfall-style keys provide authentic organ playability

  • Two ultra-realistic rotary speaker models

  • Great selection of additional instrument voices, including acoustic and electric pianos, DX-style FM synth sounds, strings, and brass

  • Layer sounds with the Dual Keys section

  • Nine onboard effects processors, such as vibrato/chorus, reverb, delay, and drive

  • 2-channel USB audio/MIDI interface for DAW and computer audio integration

  • Dual 1/4” lines for connecting secondary keyboards, mobile devices, and more

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