LINE 6 POD Go Floor Guitar Effect Processor

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  • Streamlined floor processor with more than 270 Helix and legacy amp, stomp, and cabinet models

  • Lightweight, tour-grade build quality

  • Designed to sound great into an amp or PA

  • Captures the tone and feel of playing through real tube amps and pedal effects

  • Large color screen is easy to see from standing position, even in the dark

  • Onboard expression pedal unlocks dynamic wah, volume, and rotary effects

  • Snapshots feature lets you save and recall tones for each section of a song

  • Supports third-party cabinet impulse responses for greater expandability

  • 4 x 4 USB audio interface delivers tones directly into a recording session in 24-bit/96kHz

  • Onboard effects loop and headphone output

  • Dry amp output lets you monitor through a traditional rig while sending processed tones to FOH

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