Paiste PST 3 Cymbal Set

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Swiss cymbalsmith company Paiste produces a mind-boggling array of pro-level cymbals to cover just about every musical genre. The company also endeavours to provide a similar (if not equal) spectrum of sizes and weights a little further down the food chain. This is the case for its all-new PST ranges, which have been designed to offer younger, less experienced, or simply cash-strapped players a broad palette of cymbals from which to choose. These include different thicknesses and a good selection of sizes, including odd-number diameters, a feature that is rarely found in budget territory. PST stands for Paiste Sound Technology, which is fitting, as Paiste has always embraced hi-tech production methods with enthusiasm. The production of the new ranges is undertaken at Paiste's factory in Germany. The company claims that new digital technology has enabled it to improve standards in sound quality and appearance at this end of the market. All of Paiste's manufacturing knowledge and sound concepts, not to say legendary reputation for consistency, seem to have travelled well.

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