Laney RB 3 Bass Amplifier

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The 65 watt RB3 is the ideal amp for those smaller gigs. Its twin side handles, rugged construction and kick proof metal grille ensures that it will cope with life on the road. A versatile preamp section gives you the ability to dial in the tone you require when you get to the gig. It has a built in switchable compressor, internal limiter and jack DI socket to keep your engineer happy, too!

Specifications :

Power RMS 65 Watts Inputs Normal & High Equalisation Bass, Swept Mid and Treble Master Presence Control No Speaker connections 1x Jack (8 Ohms) FX Loop(s) Yes Drivers 1x12" Custom Celestion Cabinet Design Conventional Combo Headphone Socket Yes Enhance No Compressor Yes Limiter Yes : Internal DI Socket Yes : Jack CD Input Yes (Phono) Kick Proof Metal Grill Yes Weight 18.5 Kg Dimensions Width 489 x Height 483 x Depth 303 Master volume Yes

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