Yamaha YAS 62 Saxophone

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The new 62 is an improved version of Yamaha's Classic 62 Series Sax, the instrument that revolutionized the world of the saxophone, becoming the first serious challenge to the famous instruments of the past. The 62 has always been the sax of choice for many of the world's top pros. Offering surprising value for the price, and amazing flexibility (it can be used for virtually any musical genre) it is characterized by a highly expressive tone, comfortable playability and extremely accurate intonation. One of the biggest new improvements to it is the G1 neck, which gives a better response and more playing flexibility. Also, the entire body has been annealed for a rich resonant sound. Specifications : Color/Finish Body Finish Gold lacquer Control Interface Key Auxiliary Keys High F#, front F Key buttons material Polyester Design/Architecture Detail Bell Bell Decoration Hand-engraved Pivot Screw Tapered, nylon tipped, with head Thumb hook Adjustable Voices Key Eb

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