Tama Double Pedal HP900RSW

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There is a slight difference in the feel of the Rolling Guide (RG) vs Power Glide (PG). Also, if you record using the exact same settings then listen closely, the PG packs a tiny bit more of a punch than the RG. Since Roland sold so many more PGs they now include the adjustable/removable "Cobra Coil" - a spring under the footboard for quicker return - as a standard feature on the RGs as an attempt to increase RG sales. For a double pedal I think that might be around a $60 value so might be worth it to go w the RGs. One thing to keep in mind, when you play sixteenth notes on the bass - like on the song Swing Town by Steve Miller - the footboard and Cobra Coil conflict a bit creating a "squawking" noise. I think that might be inherent in the new design.

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