LR Baggs Mixpro Acoustic Guitar Preamp

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The Mixpro is a belt-clip preamp/mixer that allows a perfect combination of almost any sort of pickup or mini mic. It places every essential control right at the player's fingertips, eliminating the need to modify a prize guitar for onboard electronics -- or to carry around a heavy, obtrusive rack. The Mixpro provides 9V phantom power for both channels, and when it is used with the Buffer Jack accessory, you can say goodbye to batteries on your guitar.


• Works with just about any pickup combination including mini mics
• Small, lightweight design can be clipped to belt or attached to
microphone stand
• All class A circuitry for sweet transparent sound
• Identical input stages on both inputs will work with passive or active
pickups and mini mics giving you an array of possible configurations
• Output phase inversion at fingertip access helps control feedback
• Switchable phantom power to either or both channels - gets the
battery off of the guitar
• Variable master low-cut filter (trim control) is tunable from 27-225
HZ (12 dB/Oct.) and is a powerful tool for taming wild pickups or
sound systems
• Internal relative phase switch for the optimum blend between two
• Variable gain for both tip and ring channel to match most pickups
and mics
• Mono mixed output


• Size: 4.75" x 2.85" x 1.25"
• Weight (with battery): 7.3 oz.
• Battery Type: Single 9V
• Power Consumption: 2.3 mA
• Battery Life: > 200 Hrs.
• Class: Pure Class 'A' All discrete
• Post-Mix EQ - Treble: ± 6dB @ 7kHz
• Post-Mix EQ - Bass: ± 6dB @ 80Hz
• Low Cut: 12dB/oct.
• Adjustable: 27Hz to 200Hz
• Ring Low Cut: 12dB/oct.
• Adjustable: 27Hz to 200Hz
• Gain (flat EQ): +6dB to +28dB
• Signal-to-noise: -90dB, 27Hz-20kHz, unweighted
• Input Impedance - Phantom Off: 10 Megohms
• Input Impedance - Phantom On: 15k
• Output Impedance: 800 Ohms

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