LP Conga 806 Galaxi Giovanni Series

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LP Conga 806 Galaxy Giovanni Series Latin Percussion 11.75"

Stand not included.!

Rarely does a percussionist reach the level of excellence of Giovanni Hidalgo. He has traveled the globe, performing with Dizzie Gillespie, "El Rey" Tito Puente, Carlos Santana, Paul Simon and the Grateful Dead's Mickey Hart. While Giovanni is known primarily as a Master Conguero, he is brilliant playing all percussion instruments. Ambidextrous, with faultless technical skills and superb musicality, he has created a style all his own. He continuously expands the boundaries of his music.

If the best players had one drum they could take to a gig, what might it be? LP utilized Master Conguero Giovanni Hildago's input to create the exclusive Requinto - the most amazing single conga ever. The combination of the 9" head size, the unique shell contour, and hardware geometry provide the broadest range of tone available in a single drum. It blends deep bass tones, smooth open tones, and clean slaps into one powerful drum.


* 30" tall drums have resonance, attack, and warmth found in no other conga
* LP Galaxy Giovanni Series Congas yield commanding bass, rich mid tones, and crackling highs with attention-getting projection
* Unique shell design, hand crafted of premium North American Ash wood with a rich, deep gloss finish
* Exclusive construction process using three plies of wood and assembled utilizing internal steel pins for reinforcement
* Patented Extended Collar Comfort Curve II Rims which increase tonal range
* Hand selected, natural rawhide heads
* Reinforced LP Heart Side Plates, each secured with three bolts and a backing plate
* Premium hardware including
* 3/8" diameter tuning lugs
* LP Galaxy patented ProCare Integrated Shell Protectors prevent the side plate hardware from marking or damaging adjacent drums
* Accessory pouch, tuning wrench, and LP Lug Lube included.

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