Yamaha SD 655ARH Roy Haynes Snare Drum

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Yamaha Snare Drum Roy Haynes Signature.

Hand Hammered Copper Shell.
The Copper shell produces deep, dark low end and is highly responsive. The hand hammered finish on the Roy Haynes model creates a deeper tone with more sensitivity than previous copper shells.

The 2.3mm thick steel hoop enhances the copper shell's tone with tightness and sharpness.

Small Lugs.
To get the most sound out of the shell possible, small lugs are incorporated due to their minimum lug to shell contact. Bolts attach to a precision-machined lug nut inside the casing for superior performance.

Internal Mute.
At Roy's request, we revived the internal mute that used to be standard equipment on the snare drum. Muting of the head is quick and easy while providing subtle control over the sound.

25 Strand Snare.
Roy's ideas also resulted in the wider Hi-carbon Steel snare that has 5 more strands than a standard snare. This design produces a heavy, yet delicate sound the feels quite comfortable.


Shell: Hand Hammer Finish Copper Shell (1.2mm)
Size: 14" x 5 1/2"
Hoop: DynaHoop (2.3mm) with 10 holes
Snare: Short / Hi-carbon steel / 25 strands
Batter: Remo Ambassador Coated
Bottom: Remo Ambassador Snare
Mute: Internal type
Release side: H Type. Minimum strainer to shell contact
Butt Side: B Type. Simple, traditional design.



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