Yamaha SD 6455KS Kozo Suganuma Snare Drum

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Yamaha Snare Drum SD-6455KS Kozo Suganuma.

Shell "squeezed" into the copper-free by winning in straight and crisp sound and a warm and powerful sound. Long to reproduce fine nuances with snappy, crisp rim shots are also attractive with matching die-cast zinc hoops.

- Size / Weight: 5 1/2 depth dimension Diameter 14 "
- Structure / Organization: Zinc Die Cast Hoops Hoop Model
- Material Zinc (3.0mm)
- Small Luxury Rug type
- 10 Volt
- 1.5mm shell thickness
- Material Copper (without squeezing the shell)
- High-carbon steel snare material
- 1.8mm deep snare bed
- Name: SN-DL
- R Side: G type strainer
- H type: L side
- Top Head: Remo Ambassador Co-gated Yamaha
- Bottom: Remo Ambassador Snare Yamaha.


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