Laney Linebacker LR 35 Guitar Amplifier

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Laney Linebacker LR 35 Guitar Amplifier.

Housed in a smart, stylish and thoroughly modern cabinet the LR35's preamp features two identical channels each housing 11 amp models per channel giving you access to up to 22 different amp models. These amp models range from clean to full on distortion and model characteristics of some of Laney's signature tube amp sounds from the VC and the Lionheart ranges through to the mighty Tony Iommi signature TI sound, with variations in between giving you a full tone spectrum.

When you select an amp model it not only includes the amps gain characteristics, but also a full set of custom EQ within the model. The L35R's EQ controls are simplicity themselves featuring a Contour control and an overall Presence control.

Next come the effects - two banks of effects are supplied; MODULATION effects and DELAY effects, These banks of effects are accessed by a simple rotary control.

The fact that the LR35's channels access the same amp model complement makes it possible to cover every amp model switching combination. Think about it, you can go from a clean to a full on metal, or a clean tone with delay to the same tone with a chorus and reverb and a volume increase by simply manipulating the model and effects combinations! This is a really simple but very powerful option!

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