About Us

Nuansa Musik was established in 1987 as  a Yamaha Music Dealer and Music School. Since then we have grown to be the largest Yamaha Music Dealer and School in Indonesia with 12 outlets  in Jakarta and its surrounding cities.

However, that doesn’t stop Nuansa Musik to continue spreading its wings to provide better services, product selections and customer satisfactions  to our valued customers. Right now, we have evolved to be one of the most prominent Music Super Stores in Indonesia that carries all the best selling brands with the largest selections. Currently, two of our outlets are the biggest Music Store & School in Indonesia’s Shopping Mall.

Our Distribution Division work closely with a network of more than 30 dealers through out the nation. Nuansa Musik prides itself on the strength of it's relationship with the independent network of Indonesian dealers. Nuansa Musik has focused on brands, that do not compete against each other, to ensure:

  1. Excellent service to its retail dealers
  2. Growth and profitability for the independent dealers
  3. Growth for the brands that it represents

This has been achieved by focusing on:

  1. Ensuring a strategic stable of brands
  2. Innovative and leading edge marketing and merchandising
  3. Implementation of easy to use and efficient systems
  4. Employment and development of a team that is well respected and service oriented

Our aim is no other than to serve the music community and beyond, by providing  the best possible products and services, to grow the whole industry so that more and more people are able to enjoy as well as to express their heart and soul in to music.